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Sodium Ethyl Xanthate


Structural Formula:CH3CH2OCSSNa
Properties: Light yellow powder, soluble in water and alcohol, can form insoluble compounds with metal ions such as cobalt, copper and nickel.
Purpose: Sodium ethyl xanthate is the most selective collector in xanthate series products. It can be widely used in the preferential flotation of easily floated or complex non-ferrous sulfide ores. It can also be used with sulfurizing agent for flotation of copper and lead oxide ore. It can also be used as precipitant for wet processing of gold (e.g. purification of zinc electrolyte) and accelerator for rubber vulcanization.
Specification: Conform to YS / T268-2003 standard.
Packing: Open steel drum lined with plastic bag or reformed small steel drum, net weight of each drum is 130kg; woven bag, net weight of each bag is 25 or 40kg; granular xanthate is packed in wooden case with enlarged bag, net weight of each box is 800kg.
Storage and Transportation: The products should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to prevent moisture, fire and sun exposure.
Remarks: If the customer has special requirements for quality and packaging, it can be carried out according to the technical indicators and packaging documents specified in the agreement.


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